Build live location sharing in your app with HyperTrack

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Live location sharing with HyperTrack


If you can track your Uber turn-by-turn with an accurate ETA, why not track friends, colleagues, buyers, and sellers similarly! Facebook Messenger and Google Maps recently added live location sharing to their apps. Now it’s your turn.

This open source repo uses HyperTrack to enable location sharing and real-time tracking of your friends and family. Scrape parts of this app to add live location sharing into your own app, or fork the repo and modify it to your own need to build your own brand new app.

Build live location sharing in your app with HyperTrack

Example App

If you want to experience the app or share live location amongst your friends & family, get HyperTrack Live from the Play Store.

Build live location sharing in your app with HyperTrack


To build live location sharing within your own app

Follow this step-by-step tutorial that will walk you through how you can embed this code in your app.

To use this as your own app

  1. Clone the project.

  2. Get your HyperTrack API keys here , and add the publishable key to file.

  3. Get the Google Maps API key and add it to AndroidManifest.xml .

  4. To release the app on the Play Store, you will have to change the app's package name.

    • Change the package name in the AndroidManifest.xml file.
    • Refactor the name of your package with right click → Refactor → Rename in the tree view, then Android Studio will display a window, select "Rename package" option.
    • Change the application id in the build.gradle file. Once done, clean and rebuild the project.
  5. The HyperTrack SDK requires FCM/GCM for a battery efficient real-time tracking experience. Refer to the FCM Integration guide .


For detailed documentation of the APIs, customizations and what all you can build using HyperTrack, please visit the official docs .


Feel free to clone, use, and contribute back via pull requests . We'd love to see your pull requests - send them in! Please use the issues tracker to raise bug reports and feature requests.

We are excited to see what live location feature you build in your app using this project. Do ping us at once you build one, and we would love to feature your app on our blog!


Join our Slack community for instant responses, or interact with our growing community . You can also email us at .


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